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At Paradeco, it all starts with whole bean coffee. We source it, roast it, and brew it– just for you. We could bore you with all the details of how we’ve traveled the world to understand sustainably sourced coffee beans, or that we aim to work with women owned coffee farms, or how we have an innovative new zero emission coffee bean roaster, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding- well, for us, it’s in the cup.

Coffee not your thing? We got you. Come in and check out our extensive teas or superfood smoothies. Hungry? We got you there too. Indulge in baked goods and quick bites that are healthy and delicious. We’re excited to bring to St. Pete food and drinks that not only taste good, but make you feel good too.

We can’t wait to brew up an unforgettable experience alongside a heaping dose of paradise.


Hi! We’re Tom and Sonya, the owners of Paradeco. We’re not a franchise, just a power couple dreamed up business. When dreaming up the idea of Paradeco, we wanted to incorporate ideas we hold central to our core beliefs. We believe there’s something extraordinary in the simplest of things and magic in the everyday. We believe in sustainability and consistency, but above all else, we believe in having a damn good time. We didn’t want to create just a coffee shop and roastery, we wanted a destination.

We’ve always loved an art deco aesthetic, but once we found St. Pete, we knew we had found our slice of paradise. It was as good a time as any to make our dream of an art deco paradise, or Paradeco, a reality. We’re really excited to share with you a perfect place to kick back and drink up. We hope that you will love Paradeco as much as we do and that you think of our shop as your shop.

Proud Members of The Specialty Coffee Association


Our team is sourcing the highest-quality green coffees from around the world. Every decision is made with intent throughout the entire import process to make sure we offer you premium flavor profiles while making sure we adhere to sustainable harvesting, traceability and developing long-term partnerships.

All of our whole bean coffees have one or more of the following characteristics: Direct Trade, Fair Trade Organic, Rain Forest Alliance certifications, Bird Friendly, Micro Lot, Strictly High Grown, Woman Owned farmers and Direct air transport from origin to Paradeco. 

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We roast all of our specialty coffee beans in house on a zero-emission Bellwether Roaster. The Bellwether Roaster uses the same fundamental processes and techniques as traditional commercial coffee roasters: the beans are held in a drum-shaped roasting chamber, exposed to heat, and tumbled constantly using a rotary agitator. Bellwether Roasters, however, bring these beloved processes to the modern era with unrivaled control, consistency, ease of use, and environmental-friendliness.


Calling all coffee connoisseurs – are you ready to work in paradise? Located in the heart of sunny St. Petersburg, FL, Paradeco Coffee Roasters is the antithesis of your stereotypical coffee shop. We’re a little rebellious. We don’t follow the trends, we set them. We’re welcoming, curious, and authentic. Paradeco is a no BS place that serves healthy drinks and treats you can feel good about. From our innovative coffee production process and specialty teas, to our refreshingly unique decor, Paradeco is the creator of unforgettable experiences.

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