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Whole Bean Coffee

Authentic Ethiopian Coffee Beans


12 oz. Retail Bag
Whole Bean Coffee



Shakiso, East Guji, Oromia


1900-220O MASL




Heirloom Ethiopia

Discover our Savory Fair-Trade Ethiopian Coffee Beans

What is that delightful flavor that you just can’t place? That is the experience of the aromatic Ethiopian coffee bean. Bring the exotic taste of our Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm whole bean coffee today.


Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and still produces some of the most sought-after beans in the world. Our whole bean organic fair-trade coffee is offers everything you’d expect from this stunning region of the world and features:

  • 12 oz. retail bag of whole bean coffee
  • Sourced from the Guij zone of Ethiopia
  • Grown at an altitude of 1900-2200 meters
  • Notes of blueberry, cocoa, and raspberry


Ethiopian green beans have a unique structure that allows them to remain fresh longer. It is traditionally enjoyed black with a touch of honey or sugar, but it can also make a great iced coffee. Try it with breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

The Orginal Coffee Bean

Some experts believe that coffee originated in this beautiful region of Africa, known for its high altitudes and ideal conditions. Local farmers began harvesting around the 1500s, and it has become increasingly popular ever since. The country is still known for producing world-class coffee with a flavor all its own.

Superior Farming Practices for the Best Results

Our beans are sourced from Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm, a local Ethiopian coffee farm known for producing exceptional beans with a complex flavor profile that gets even better as it ages. Each bean is carefully tended to and harvested for maximum flavor. This local farm is known for fair labor practices and wages while investing in local communities.

Ready for the Best Ethiopian Coffee You’ve Ever Tasted

At Paradeco Coffee Roasters, we are proud to bring this one-of-a-kind coffee bean to our customers. Order yours today and enjoy fast, affordable shipping.

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