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Whole Bean Coffee

Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo Coffee Beans by Paradeco


12 oz. Retail Bag
Whole Bean Coffee


Premium Kenya Coffee Beans by Paradeco

Are you looking for a robust whole bean coffee with a hint of natural sweetness and chocolatey flavor? Then our beloved Kenya coffee beans might be the perfect choice. Try our Kenya coffee beans today. This is a coffee we use on our espresso bar and pour over daily.


At Paradeco Coffee Roasters, we offer beans from small farmer farms, which increases quality instead of sourcing coffee from one warehouse with 2,000 farmers bringing coffee there. This light roast coffee bean is carefully grown and cultivated in altitudes of up to 1,800 meters and offers:

  • Complex Flavor With Notes of Juicy Orange, Cooked Pear and Brown Sugar.
  • Comes in 12 oz Packages
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Variety; SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11, K7
  • Kenya Kirinyaga AA


Our importers Regional Select program was created to highlight the unique profiles we have found that are inherent to various microclimates in many of the countries from which we source green coffee. Local variables like wind patterns, soil quality, sunlight, elevation, and other environmental influencers have much to do with the common characteristics that separate, say, a Northern Colombian from a Southern Colombian coffee, just as they inform the differences between a Colombian and a Kenyan.

For our Importers Regional Select offerings, they source based on cup quality and character, seeking a balance of “taste of place” with availability and price. These lots are built as blends from coffees that cup out between 84–87 on a 100-point cupping scale, and come with regional and often microregional traceability, but are not farm- or producer-specific. Uteuzi Jimbo is the Swahili for “county select,” which is how the regional profiles of Kenya are made distinct on their offerings sheets, and our sourcing team has identified the most classic characteristics within each of the main regions in which they seek these local profiles.

Order Our Kenyan Coffee Beans Today

If you are ready to enjoy the delightful flavor of our beloved brews at home, order our Kenyan coffee beans today. This coffee is a staple on our espresso and pour over bar. We offer fast, affordable shipping on all of our products so you can begin enjoying your coffee right away.


Kirinyaga AA


1400-1700 MASL





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Weight 12.6 oz


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