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Whole Bean Coffee

Tanzania Coffee Beans by Paradeco


12 oz. Retail Bag
Whole Bean Coffee


Premium Specialty Tanzania Coffee Beans by Paradeco

Are you looking for a robust whole bean coffee with a hint of natural sweetness and chocolatey flavor? Tanzanian coffee is known for its unique flavor profile and high quality. The country produces a range of Arabica coffee beans, including the popular Peaberry, which is a small, round bean with a distinctive taste.

One of the factors that makes Tanzanian coffee so special is the country’s geography and climate. The coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and the highlands of the Mbeya region, where the rich volcanic soil and high altitude provide ideal growing conditions for coffee.

Tanzania also has a long history of producing high-quality coffee, with a focus on sustainable and organic farming practices. Many coffee farmers in Tanzania are small-scale producers who use traditional methods to grow and harvest the coffee, resulting in a unique flavor profile that is distinct from other African coffees.

Overall, the combination of geography, climate, farming practices, and the unique flavor profile of Tanzanian coffee make it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


At Paradeco Coffee Roasters, we offer beans from small farmer farms, which increases quality instead of sourcing coffee from one warehouse with 2,000 farmers bringing coffee there.

This coffee is from, Luhangarasi a coffee producing group, community pillar, and source of environmental regeneration. Luhangarasi’s members’ commitments extend beyond coffee in addition to producina and processing excellent coffee, Luhangarasi also serves as a source of education and environmental stewardship.

  • Complex Flavor With Notes of Juicy Lemon, Brown Sugar and Hibiscus.
  • Comes in 12 oz Packages
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Variety; Heirloom Arabica


The Luhangarasi producers pick the ripest cherries, and then sort the cherries to remove all under ripe and over ripe cherries. The cherries are then floated in water to remove the lower density floaters. The ripe cherries are depulped, and then fermented in mucilage and water, until they are finally washed. Then the parchment is slowly dried in intervals on raised beds.

Order Our Tanzania Coffee Beans Today

If you are ready to enjoy the delightful flavor of our beloved brews at home, order our Tanzania coffee beans today. This coffee is a staple on our espresso and pour over bar. We offer fast, affordable shipping on all of our products so you can begin enjoying your coffee right away.


Ruvuma, Nyasa


1500-2300 MASL





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